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How to Use Tarot Cards: Tarot Cards - Where Did They Come From?

How to Use Tarot Cards

Nowadays, there are so many different Tarot decks, by talented contemporary artists, that bookstores have entire catalogues just filled with samples. There are angel decks, witches' decks, traditional decks such as the Rider-Waite deck. There are fairy decks, gemstone decks, flower decks, animal decks, round decks, mini decks, CG decks, nude decks, medieval decks .... But what's fascinating is that in most cases, the decks still maintain the traditional ideas behind the cards. A King of Swords in the Universal Waite Tarot connotes the same power and focus as the King of Swords in The Goddess Tarot.

How could the Tarot survive all these years of change? What is it about the icons within the decks that keeps us so fascinated?

Early decks were similar to what we now call the Rider-Waite deck. Back in medieval times, though, the Major Arcana card for Strength depicted a man clubbing a tiger to death. Today, the Major Arcana Strength card almost always picture a woman making friends with the tiger. Changes in thinking over time will change the cards slightly. Today we are encouraged to make friends with our inner "beasts."

An Early History

The first written history of these mysterious oracles is said to have been in the 1400s in Italy. But other scholars claim the cards came from Egypt or even China. As we've seen in our own modern times, the cards change slightly to suit the culture and time they are serving. The Romany people, who began traveling from northern India a long time ago, brought gifts from the host countries through which they traveled, to new places - and one of those many gifts may have also been the spreading of the Tarot Cards. Some scholars believe the Tarot is a message intended to travel through time in its encoded form of pictures and symbols. It's in code, they believe, to keep its ideas from being destroyed. There were many people during the ages who viewed these cards are demonic. Today, perhaps just as many (or more) view the cards as helpful, psychologically interesting, and quite harmless. You can try out your own Tarot Reading at the Psychic Tea Shoppe, and see what you think.

How the Deck Evolved into Today's Playing Cards

Interesting, though, that the Tarot was the forerunner to our own modern playing card deck. Tarot itself is made up of 78 cards. These are divided into two sections: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major is 22 of the 78 cards, and the Minor is 56 of them. While the Major Arcana consists mainly of powerful pictures and concepts, the Minor Arcana is filled with more day-to-day icons and issues. Much of the Minor Arcana is symbols instead of pictures. There are four major symbols (or suits) in the Minor Arcana: the cups (which became our suit of hearts), the swords (which became our spades), the wands (our modern suit of clubs), and the coins or pentacles (our Diamonds). Plus, the Tarot had royals: Each suit had a page, knight, queen, and king. And they all had an Ace.

Another interesting evolution: In traditional Tarot, we have a card called The Fool. It's image is positive - and usually associated with someone going on a new journey of faith. Over time, the Fool in the Tarot became the Joker in our playing cards. "The Joker is wild" could hark back to the image of The Fool, about to walk off the edge of a cliff, smiling with faith, looking up at the beautiful sky, unafraid of what might become of him.

The Tarot has been with us for centuries. And even though it changes to suit its time period, there's little doubt that this mysterious deck of cards will be with us for centuries to come.

Suzann Kale is a technical writer and copy editor, with a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University. She has read Tarot Cards professionally, and now runs the popular site, Psychic Tea Shoppe. http://www.PsychicTeaShoppe.com

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How to Use Tarot Cards: How Do Tarot Cards Work? - A Psychic Explanation

How to Use Tarot Cards

How do Tarot cards work? Synchronicity is the scientific explanation that some have used to explain it. Synchronicity has been equated to the behavior of particles in quantum mechanics, whose behavior cannot be EXACTLY determined, only probabilities of how they will behave. In Tarot, it is nearly impossible to EXACTLY determine events that will come to be; since one may not be fully aware of the correct way the question should be asked. Yes, there are real forces that science is unable to positively explain. They are, amazingly, the very same forces that hold the entire universe together. Simply put, synchronicity is how a coincidence that couldn't possibly have been accidental is explained. This describes the basic forces of nature, but how do Tarot cards work?

How do Tarot cards work, though, if someone asks a question, and it's not a random reading? Actually, any reading should have a focus, but not one which requires a yes or no answer. Forget what you've heard, nothing is absolute. The Tarot's magic is philosophical and psychological, but driven by physical interactions, below the threshold of modern science. Tiny particles that can't be positively placed are responsible for everything that exists, and tiny forces that are impossible to identify actively shape every thought, and every pattern revealed in a spread of cards. The draw of cards has been determined by the same processes which formed the question. A series of events that is almost completely outside of our awareness unfolds as the cards are shuffled and dealt, resulting in a magical and mysterious view of the problem under consideration. How do Tarot cards work? They are driven by the basic forces of all creation. The same mysterious power that allows you to exist is responsible for the position of every card, and its orientation, in a spread.

How do Tarot cards work, since the reader isn't the person asking the question? In order to master Tarot cards, a person has to study and practice hundreds of hours. You can't pick up a deck and read the future. Most really good seers have learned to empathize with the questioner, are able to share some of the those thought patterns (quantum forces), and are able to amplify those patterns through meditation. This is why they are sometimes called a "medium", as they fill a middle space between coincidental quantum forces and arrive at an impossibly accurate solution.

How do tarot cards work? There is no way to show exactly how they work. Some readings fail, or provide incorrect information. They are accurate often enough, to a degree that argues against pure chance. More dependable interpretations come from those who practice often and diligently. Yes, it is a seemingly random set of cards, but the entire universe is held together by the seemingly random positions of particles. Instead of asking, "How do Tarot cards work?", ask "What caused the Big Bang?". It's the same answer, either way.

Richard Wilkins, co-author of How To Learn Tarot Cards, is a leading researcher in developing psychic powers. To learn more about his research and new psychic training opportunities, visit his website today.

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How to Use Tarot Cards: Tarot Cards - Are They Good Or Evil?

How to Use Tarot Cards

Many people that do not fully understand the tarot, this is generally because they do not take the time to learn about it. It is common for individuals to fear something they do not know and understand. On the other hand, some people are under the false impression that the tarot cards are evil, the outcomes are fabricated by the reader and the client is giving hints unknowingly about what they want to hear and free will.

Some people that have their tarot cards read are often disappointed and consider the reader to be a fraud if the reading does not prove to be completely on target. In a majority of instances a person wants to hear their future and have it spelled out for them. The part that seems to leave some individuals with a less than satisfying reading is the free will we all have. Just because the cards tell you something today, does not mean it is inevitable. We have the choice on a daily basis to change our lives and situations. If we so choose to make a decision that will negatively effect our lives, yet it wasn't in the cards, does not indicate the reading was wrong. This merely indicates, a choice that changed a chain of events.

In the cases when individuals feel as if the tarot cards are evil, this is typically because of their religious beliefs. It is believed that the cards are used to connect with evil. Therefore, using tarot cards as an aid in life is evil. However, this is not true. The cards actually utilize the energy, often called the aura or soul of the individual, in order to give an accurate reading. A tarot card reader must unite with a querent energy. With the guidance of this energy the reader can get the answers through the cards.

As with almost everything that can be read, the interpretation of what was read is up to the individual reader. The same is true for a tarot card reader. Every card in the tarot deck has more than one meaning. The reader of the cards has to put the pieces together and interpret them. This is another reason many people feel the tarot cards and readings are fake. Honestly, even though each card has more than one meaning, each of them also has a basic meaning. The additional meanings are just to help the reader to interpret and clarify them.

Although, some of these confusions can negatively effect the industry, the tarot cards remain to be very popular. For those that clearly do not understand the entirety of the cards, they will continue to claim negativities. The rest of the people that have researched the history of the tarot cards, know and understand the cards are for the purpose of informing individuals and guiding them in making decisions for their future.

Brian Page is an author and the Local Community Partner at http://www.sydney.cagora.com which has 20,000 communities and growing. He is also the owner of learningtoreadtarotcards.com a website full of information and recourses on Tarot cards and readings which you can visit at: http://www.learningtoreadtarotcards.com Last but not least he loves finding free software for people to use on-line such as can be seen at: http://myacspage.com/FreeWebsites.htm

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How to Use Tarot Cards: Tarot Card Meanings - The High Priestess

How to Use Tarot Cards

In this installment of my series on Tarot Card meanings, focusing primarily on the Major Arcana, I'm going to be covering the third card of the Major Arcana, which is The High Priestess. After reading this article, you'll have a basic understanding of the meaning of this key for both its normal key and reverse key.

The High Priestess is considered a passive card. If you look at her, she is seated quietly. This isn't to say that there isn't substance to The High Priestess. She symbolizes energy that is bubbling under the surface. The card signifies things that cannot be seen at this point in time. The whole picture is not clear. However, there is much depth to the situation. It's kind of like the old saying, "Still waters run deep." Because of this, The High Priestess must be looked at very carefully in the context of the entire spread.

The card also signifies the ability to use intuition and receive inspiration from the spirits. It also may signify, depending on the spread, that the subject needs to keep his or her ideas and feelings secret. If they confide in somebody, they need to make sure that they pick just the right person. You also need to have complete faith in your feelings.

The reverse key of this card signifies a superficial situation; one with no real secrets. If this card comes up in the reverse position, you need to examine everything. Don't blindly give away your trust until you know the situation and understand it. This position can also refer to a person who is weak or lacking in energy. This could greatly affect a relationship or support that you may need from another person.

In the extreme cases, this reversed position suggests that a complete review of the entire situation is in order. In most cases, strength is lacking and a deeper commitment is needed in order to make the situation work.

The High Priestess is one of those very subtle cards that most people just kind of gloss over, but she can be a real force to reckon with. Whenever this card comes up in a spread, especially in the fifth or sixth position, that's when I worry. This usually tells me that I am going to be suddenly surprised by something. This is when I am most careful with the things I do, concentrating on the area of cards that make up the bulk of the spread, such as wands, cups, pentacles or swords.

Don't take The High Priestess lightly.

She can be a real terror.

To YOUR Divination Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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How to Use Tarot Cards: Chariot and Justice Major Arcanas

How to Use Tarot Cards

This Tarot major arcana represents a Solar Tank, is conducted by The Emperor who seems being trustful and serene.

The colors of this Tarot card are bright and positive.

The Chariot represents success, this Tarot card is also Osiri's symbol.

The Chariot signifies the capacity to progress in our life.

Basic meaning:

The Chariot card in the right position means success, supremacy, import-export, financial success...

In the reversed position this Tarot card means: overwork, failure...


A person just signed a contract with a new employer and wishes to know if this job is the right job for her.

We pull four cards: on the left is the Wheel of Fortune, on the right is the High Priestess, at the top is the World card and at the bottom is the Chariot;

The first Tarot card informs us that this person found the right job and that she will earn a lot of money;

The Tarot card on the right means that this job could have negative effects on her personal life;

The World represents our consulting person and her question;

The Chariot is the answer that tells us that this person can expect a very interesting job, full of opportunities to become a manager and that she even will have to travel regularly for her new job

The synthesis number is 4: this card is reprensented by The Emperor and confirms that this person will have lots of responsibilities in her new job. By signing this new contract, this person is on her pathway to success.


This Tarot major arcana shows a woman sitting on a golden throne. Gold is the color of her intelligence.

Justice holds the Sword of Justice in her right hand and the Scale of Justice - which is in gold too - in her left hand.

This character seems impartial, representing integrity and incorruptibility.

Basic meaning:

In the right position, the Justice represents equity, virtue, impartiality, stability,...

In the reversed position, this tarot card represents hypocrisy, intolerance, instability,...

Simplified example:

A consulting person needs to learn more about the next six month of her existence.

For this example, we will use the "Evolution" play. We place five major arcana one beside the other and, under each one, we place a minor arcana.

The cards are laid out as follows:

  • The High Priestess - Sixth of Coins
  • The Moon - Servant of Swords
  • Justice - King of Swords
  • The Wheel of Fortune - Ace of Spears
  • The Magician - Ace of Coins


The High Priestess - Sixth of Coins: our client will face some financial problems;

The Moon - Servant of Swords: she has problems with her child who causes her many disappointments and these financial troubles will come from him;

Justice - King of Swords: she will have to consult a lawyer and go in front of Justice to defend her child;

The Wheel of Fortune - Ace of Spears: these cards symbolize the victory of our consulting person;

The Magician - Ace of Coins: after all these problems, she will be rewarded by an unexpected amount of money.

Prosperity66 is an European History, Holidays and Tarot cards passionate. She writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects. For more information on Tarot cards reading, feel free to visit The Tarot Cards Reading Online Guide.

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How to Use Tarot Cards: Tarot Card Meanings - Wheel Of Fortune

How to Use Tarot Cards

Absolutely one of the most fascinating cards of the Major Arcana is the Wheel Of Fortune. However, this is another one of those cards that is often misinterpreted by not only those who aren't familiar with the Tarot, but also by experts as well. The truth is, the Wheel Of Fortune has nothing to do with wealth or good fortune. As a matter of fact, the wheel itself basically goes from bad to worse. This article will reveal the hidden meaning of this card in both its normal and reversed key so that there is no doubt in your mind what the Wheel Of Fortune means in a spread.

Might as well start out with the bad, because it only goes downhill from there. Yes, this is one card that I never want to see turn up in a spread. In its normal state, the wheel does its least amount of harm. It basically represents a bad situation that however does show hope on the horizon. This is a time for the subject to look for new opportunities as the ones at present aren't doing very well to say the least. The card shows that a definite change is in order. Look around and see what's available. The card also shows that the subject needs to adapt to different circumstances. As I like to say, when I get this card in a spread, there is only one way to go and that's up.

In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune indeed goes from bad to worse. In this case, everything is going wrong. As a matter of fact, if it can go wrong, it will. There is a tendency to be depressed and throw in the towel. In many cases, on over-inflated ego is what's causing the problem. It's important for the subject to analyze everything as carefully as possible. You have many forces working against you so no matter how hard you try, it seems you can't find the solution. This is when it's time to take a step back, evaluate the situation and think your way through it.

As I said, the Wheel Of Fortune is not a card I want to come up in a reading. Some say that it builds character. I can think of better ways to build character and I don't need a Wheel Of Fortune to build it for me. If you see this card in a spread, especially in reverse key, it is important to tell the subject that they need to take stock of the situation and not let their emotions get to them.

With the proper attitude, there is a way out of this hole.

To YOUR Divination Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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How to Use Tarot Cards: Tips, Tricks and Things to Avoid

How to Use Tarot Cards
In the world of psychics, there really aren't a lot of credentials to look for. Ironically, sometimes you have to use your intuition to get a Tarot reader that you like and trust. This is a business where anyone can claim to be a Tarot master, so buyer beware. Here are a couple of red flags to look for to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Curses, foiled again! While there are many cultures that include curse removal as one of the necessary features of a Tarot reader, many unscrupulous people use this as a money-making ruse. It is not uncommon to pay for a short reading and be told that life sucks due to a evil curse. There is encouragement to return for a second appointment where, for a substantial fee in cash, this horrible curse can be lifted. Skip anyone who suggests this to you!
  2. Fate controls you. Tarot readings should be a fun, pleasant and interesting experience where people have the understanding that they are the masters of their destiny. The Tarot reader is not. What a Tarot reading should give you is a series of options, including the best possible one (according to the Tarot reader), with the caveat that you ultimately decide what you want to do. Any Tarot reader that doesn't encourage you to be master of your own destiny...avoid, avoid, avoid.
  3. Tell me about yourself... If you meet a new Tarot reader and they want a life history before starting the reading, run for the hills! Blind reading (doing a Tarot reading for a stranger without any information) is not easy but is the best way of getting the best information. With specific questions or issues, it's certainly normally for the Tarot reader to need a little clarification. Ultimately though, you want their intuition and card reading mastery, not your life story repeated back to you.

That takes care of some of the big red flags poor "Tarot readers" wave. What about you? What can you do to make sure you get the kind of reading you're hoping (and paying) for? Here are some tips to figure out exactly what you want so you stand the best chance of getting it.

  1. Tell me what I want, what I really, really want! Sometimes, you may find yourself wanting to see a Tarot reader but looking for agreement rather than advice. If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, talk to your mom. Consulting a Tarot reader means opening yourself up to other perspectives. If you're at a point in your life where that isn't what you want, it's best to save your money and talk with your friends.
  2. It's all about style. When you're thinking of what your reading will be like, do you want a "tall, dark and handsome stranger, married in 2 years, kids in 4" type of reading or are you looking for more of a spiritual guide who can help you determine your life path? Some readers can match their reading style to their client, some can't. If you have specific information that you want, ask the reader up front whether that is what they do. Great Tarot readers want happy customers and glowing referrals - they won't get this by giving you a less-than-spectacular reading.
  3. Ground rules At the point of booking your appointment, there should be a discussion confirming fees, times, location and any other necessary information. Do you need to bring some paper and a pen or will the reading be taped? Is it a structured format or is there time allotted to ask questions that haven't been answered? You shouldn't be going into your reading without any unanswered questions.

Beyond these suggestions, relax and have fun. Tarot cards, with the right reader, can be an incredible source of information. Find the Tarot reader that clicks with you and remember that the best readers give you the knowledge you need to live the life you want. The answers are all in the cards!

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